Soulful Living in the Depth Psychological Tradition

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The goal of Temenos Center is to empower a deeper and more meaningful life in harmony with the psyche, soul, and world by providing a space apart in which one can safely engage their deeper self and psychospiritual journey


Firmly rooted in the depth psychology of C.G. Jung, the archetypal psychology of James Hillman, and the mythological hero’s journey as described by Joseph Campbell, The Temenos Center strives to encourage and nurture soulful living on many levels. We are committed to providing a safe space and avenue for bringing the wisdom of depth psychology into the world in whatever small way we can.

Depth psychology can be broadly described as the psychology of the full psyche, including the unconscious, and is concerned with all aspects of the human experience. The basis of the individual psyche is the collective unconscious, which is comprised of the archetypes—basic and pre-existing patterns of human potentiality in terms of thought and behavior. The archetypes are encountered in images found in dreams, mythology, art, and in everyday living. Some of these archetypes are personified—such as the well known Wise Old Man, Trickster, or Hero—but they are also experienced through significant events such as initiation and rites of passage, marriage, birth, death, and more.

The Temenos Center strives to be a safe harbor to engage the archetypal journey and to participate in a therapy of ideas…

ideasThere is a basic and urgent need in modernity for a re-orientation of attitudes and ideas, what James Hillman referred to as a “therapy of ideas.” From this more comprehensive perspective, the healing wisdom of Jungian and archetypal psychology is not only for clinical settings. Jung and Hillman both worked hard to break psychology out of the isolation of the therapy room and bring it into all aspects of the human experience. This allows the realization that we live in the midst of unparalleled opportunity to make a difference for us and for our descendants. Each person carries within them the seed, the genius of a transformation that begins in the depths of each individual soul. Each person is connected to the world soul, and through this, the nurturing of our inner seeds can send beautiful blossoms of broader transformation into the world through our Work and through our Relationships.

Within the depth psychological tradition the Temenos Center engages the therapy of ideas in all aspects of the human experience, from the personal to the collective, from arts and culture to environmental concerns to dreams and synchronicity to spirituality in all (or none) traditions. As the psyche/soul is polyvalent, multi-dimensional, and moves in many different directions, the Temenos Center attempts through its programs and services to honor all aspects of the psyche and the depth psychological tradition.

Programs and Services

Our program areas range far and wide. In this way, we engage the full psyche and human experience through a Jungian and/or archetypal approach using depth psychological methods such as active imagination, dream work, synchronicity, individuation, and more. Through these varied approaches, we engage many topics in our programs, such as psyche and earth, soulful living, art and creativity, spirituality, and shamanism. Our programs are designed to be professionally and academically rigorous but accessible to everyone. They include workshops, individual consulting, and group experiences working with the full psyche.

Above all, our programs aim to create a safe space for the creativity and inventiveness of the psyche to roam free, to experience, to find meaning in all the many things of life. All of our work, whether workshops, group work, or personalized consulting, reflect the multi-dimensional nature of the psyche.

We strive to fulfill our purpose through the various Temenos Center programs and services:

  • workshops, seminars, and retreats with respected teachers, scholars, and practitioners working broadly within the traditions of depth psychology.
  • personalized consulting and depth coaching
  • engaged group experiences

Our programs are designed to be accessible to everyone and are of interest to:

  • anyone wishing to grow their psychospiritual life on a deeper, more engaged level
  • service and care providers and practitioners wishing to incorporate Jungian and archetypal concepts and practices into their work

About Our Programs and Services

Hilltending: Soulful EcologySoulful Living, IndividuationArt and CreativityMythological, Spiritual, Shamanic Studies

Hilltending: Soulful ecology

uikjm15001000Hilltending is an archetypal process that gives our relationship to the earth a central role. Hilltending, as a soulful ecology, is a practice and philosophy that is equally at home in spirituality and science. Working with symbols found in dreams, myth, active imagination, and in the natural world, it converses consciously with both the embodied world and the numinous, metaphorical, and poetic depths of the psyche; the consideration of the earth is a consideration of the psyche, and vice-versa. In Hilltending, our relationship to the natural world is transformed as we intentionally engage the natural world and unconscious psychological structures, known as the archetypes. By nurturing a balanced view of the earth in this way, we are better able to fully understand the precious and precarious that endows all life with meaning.

Within our Hilltending program, we regularly offer workshops, seminars, and retreats aimed at transforming the earth-psyche relationship. We also offer one-on-one guided sessions in Hilltending practices, vision quests in the natural world, and rites of passage retreats. See our events and services pages or contact us for more details.

Soulful Living and Individuation

cairnLAs a driving force and part of the instincts and physiological body, the psyche forms and holds the central core and meaning of our experience of life. It is personal and collective, conscious and unconscious. It is composed of universal organizing patterns of mental energy and purpose known as the archetypes. The psyche is archetypal in nature, and so we encounter the archetypes in all areas of our lives. All of our human experience is rooted in the psyche, yet building a healthy relationship to the full psyche is one of the main challenges of being human. By actively participating with the archetypal intentionality of our full psyche, we come to fully inhabit our life, heal our wounds, and experience richer health and well-being. This is the wonder of being fully in our humanness. By dialoguing with the psyche in its own deep and archetypal language, we achieve greater balance and embodied well-being; we create a more beautiful world in line with the promptings of our deeper selves.

Through personalized depth consulting and engaged individuation groups, workshops/seminars, publications, and other projects, Temenos strives to be an usher and bridge to meaningful and soulful archetypal living.

Art and Creativity

All art intuitively apprehends coming changes in the collective unconsciousness.
-C.G. Jung

Art and creativity are central to the psychospiritual life. The Temenos Center engages this central aspect of our psychospiritual lives in many ways – through workshops and seminars on art, literature, and creativity, artist receptions, or poetry readings, to name a few. Be sure to check our events page for upcoming events.

Our current “artists-in-residence,” Richard Francisco and Adora Trostle, have several paintings on exhibit in the center. Drop by for a viewing during the community archetypal cafe hours–usually Tuesday from 4:00-8:00 PM (but be sure to check the Cafe Schedule first!).


Mythological, Spiritual, and Shamanic Studies

251asA main quality of the archetypes is their universality. The human engagement of the unconscious and the archetypes reaches back into the earliest mists of time. We find them expressed again and again throughout the world and history in the images of gods, goddesses, heroes, mythic motifs, spiritual practices and religions. They have been expressed in various forms of shamanism, cultural mythology, and spirituality throughout the ages. Engaging these brings us closer to the deeper meaning and experience of being human.

Archetypal experiences are deeply numinous and spiritual. For example, much of the modern psyche is flooded by symptoms that shamans know as soul loss. In modern terms, soul loss is an unhealthy fragmentation or repression of the archetypal psyche, and is a main characteristic of our modernity. The mythological, spiritual, and shamanic traditions and depth psychology are all concerned, to a very large degree, with the psyche or, considering the Greek roots of the term psyche, the soul. To the shaman, who is primarily responsible for the psychospiritual health of the members of his or her tribe, this can be damaged by soul loss; in the view of depth psychology, we suffer from the inability to engage the full psyche. From either perspective, this can be seen as an unconscious dissociation of the soul. The healing of this fragmentation is accomplished by the shaman through shamanic journeying and soul retrieval; by the psychologist, for example, through what Freud called the “talking cure.” In many ways, the wisdom of the shaman, once a central part of human spirituality, has re-emerged in modernity through depth psychology. This preservation has allowed us, hidden in the language of our “enlightened” scientific age, to rediscover an essential aspect of being human and find a formulation that is relevant in contemporary western culture. From a depth psychological perspective, our archetypal encounters with the psyche, and the symptoms of soul loss, are actually messages from the soul; hints and clues to what it needs and where it wants to go. Learning to listen to the full psyche can empower and provide a solid foundation our lives.

The Temenos programs include workshops, seminars, and individual or group work to engage the archetypal wisdom found in mythology, shamanism, and spirituality in order to better align with the promptings of soul.Be sure to check the events page for any events in the program.


Who We Are


James Liter holds an M.A. in Depth Psychology and is currently a Doctoral student in Depth Psychology (Jungian and Archetypal Studies) at Pacifica Graduate Institute. He also has degrees in Archetypal Human Science and Philosophy. He has been a guest lecturer at Grand Valley State University on topics such as shamanic traditions, Jungian art and aesthetics, world mythology, and the hero’s journey. James is also a photographer and writer. His publications include academic essays, the collection of poetry A Language We Once Knew, and the photography for Jason Kirkey’s Estuaries.

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Casey Folkertsma obtained her degree in Biomedical Science with Nutrition Emphasis from Grand Valley State University as a large step in her quest for knowledge to help her achieve a dream: uniting the methods of scientific healing and spiritual healing for the benefit of all. Inspired by the work of C.G. Jung, Joseph Campbell, and Bill Mollison, she works to bring holistic healing to individuals and communities. Nurturing informed and compassionate relationship with oneself and one’s environment encompasses her strategy to manifest her dream.