Following the Soul Making and the Wounded Healer workshop on Sunday April 10th, there will be a free workshop on Active Listening.  This is an introduction to the topic of Active Listening which will be deeply engaged in a three part workshop series in early May. Space is limited so please RSVP soon!

This meet up will provide us with an introduction to Active Listening and how it allows us to “stretch and grow” ourselves psychospiritually and emotionally. Active Listening is a skill that allows the listener to hear both the conscious and unconscious, and reflect back as a way to reinforce that we have heard and build trust and aid support.

Complexes and dreams have both been called the “royal road to the unconscious,” but they are not always easy roads to take. Both Freud and Jung saw how listening can help us navigate our encounter with the unconscious in our dealings with others. Whether for professional or personal enrichment, learning and practicing the art of Active Listening can be therapeutic and transform not only our interpersonal relationships but also the way we are in the world. It can empower us to honor all parts of the psyche, moving from the personal to the collective.

More Details and RSVP here:

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