Archetypal and Mythic Evenings

Thursday evenings from 7:00 to 10:00 are the public archetypal group evenings at Temenos. These groups are mostly experiential, working with practices, such as active imagination to deepen the soulful life. The groups consist of no more than 15 people and are facilitated or moderated by Temenos personnel (who will also actively participate!). Registration for the Engagement Groups is on a first-come first-serve basis at the Grand Rapids Jungian, Archetypal, and Mythological Meetup. (Free to join)

In order to maximize availability for everyone, these meetings have no fixed price, but a voluntary $15.00 donation at the door is greatly appreciated to help us offset our costs. There will be a donation basket at the meeting. Thank you in advance for your support!

The current focus of these groups are:

Archetypes and Mythological StudiesEngaged Mythmaking: Psyche, Art, and CreativityArchetypal Movie Night

We are learning what other cultures always knew: to know ourselves we must know the Gods and Goddesses of myth. We must face the Gods. ~ James Hillman

In these meetings we will engage the archetypal images, figures, and motifs found in diverse cultural myths and also contemporary expressions in film and literature, asking: how does myth tell the story of psyche and soul? Each session we will deeply engage a different mythic character, exploring what this figure says about the psyche and what we can learn for our own individuation journey or soul making process. These meetings will be started with a brief reading of myth and a short talk introducing the archetypal motifs. This will be followed by a guided “mythdream” meditation and open discussion. In the process of studying these figures, we will also learn about the core concepts of Jungian and Archetypal thought as well as how to connect these figures to our own psychospiritual life, such as in dreams, synchronicity, or personality types.

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Rooted in a mythic worldview informed by Jungian and Archetypal thought, these meetups are for the imagination to play and uncover new openings for the images of psyche to emerge through artistic medium—we need not be an artist to benefit from this though, and we don’t need to paint a masterpiece in order to bring this inherent creativity more purposefully into our lives. Creativity can take many forms, so whether or not you are an artist, you can enrich your life and work by engaging this kind of creative expression. The process of creating brings body, psyche, and world closer to each other and, even if the result is not a masterpiece, it is a deeply significant and meaningful expression of soul-making with and of the world soul. In these meetings, we will engage and nurture visionary creativity through discussion, collaboration, contemplative practices, active imagination, and creative time in which we can paint, sketch, write, or express the creative psyche in whatever medium we feel called to. Some art supplies are available at the center and you are also welcome to bring your own.

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Archetypal Movie Night

Many popular films, it seems, are more concerned with special effects and making money than with authentically engaging psyche in a soulful storytelling process. Much “pop” film is dismissed as banal entertainment, but if we look deeper, we find a rich narrative of soul that can provide a profound understanding of the collective psyche of modernity. In many ways, film has replaced mythology as the teller of the tales of psyche…

On the Archetypal Movie Night, we will watch a movie and discuss the archetypal themes of the film. There will be a different film each month so there is bound to be something for everyone! Popcorn provided, please bring your own drinks!

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About Our Programs

Rooted in the depth psychology of C.G. Jung and James Hillman, the programs at The Temenos Center encourage and nurture soulful living. Through depth psychological methods such as active imagination, dream work, psychological types, and more, we engage many topics in our programs, such as art and creativity, mythological studies, and archetypal work with popular culture, such as film and literature. Our programs are designed to be accessible to everyone. Above all, our programs aim to create a safe space for the creativity and inventiveness of the psyche to roam free, to experience, to find meaning in all the many things of life. All of our programs reflect the multi-dimensional nature of the psyche.