“Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.”
-C.G. Jung

IMGP6146 w2000In addition to our workshops, we also offer a number of more personalized services. Our depth consulting, for example, allows for an individualized and more focused engagement specific to your psychospiritual journey. Some prefer to engage archetypal work in the company of like-minded people, so we also offer engaged individuation groups.

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About Our Services

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~Temenos Cohort Studios~


The Temenos Cohort Studios are cohesive groups studying or working intently with specific concepts and practices, such as dream work or soulful ecology. These groups are mostly experiential, working with core Archetypal concepts and practices, such as active imagination or Hilltending, to deepen the soulful life. The cohorts consist of no more than 12 participants (certain cohorts are smaller), and are facilitated or moderated by Temenos personnel (who will also actively participate!). Each cohort meets once a month starting in July. Registration for the cohorts will open on June 15th


Initially there will be cohorts for

  • Dream Work/Imaginal Knowing
  • Soulful Ecology
  • Psyche and Creativity
  • Core Concept Study
Details and Reservation...

…or come to one of our June meetups

The Grand Rapids Jungian, Archetypal, and Mythological Meetup group will be hosting free meetup events throughout June to introduce the concepts and practices of the cohorts. The schedule is:

  • Tuesday, May 31, 2016, 7:00 PM: Core Concepts
  • Tuesday, June 7, 2016, 7:00 PM: Soulful Ecology (Hilltending, Wellness, and Nature)
  • Monday, June 13, 2016, 7:00 PM: Dream Work and Imaginal Knowing
  • Wednesday, June 22, 2016, 7:00 PM: Psyche and Creativity

Please RSVP for these meetups at:

Grand Rapids Jungian, Archetypal, and Mythological Meetup

Grand Rapids, MI
42 Members

Hosted by The Temenos Center for Jungian and Archetypal Studies, this meetup group is an educational, discussion, and experiential group engaging the concepts of the collectiv…

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Archetypal Café (followed by Core Concepts of Jungian and Ar…

Tuesday, May 31, 2016, 4:00 PM
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~Personalized Depth Consulting~


Our personalized depth consulting facilitates a dialogue with the full psyche that uncovers the primary unconscious stories of your life. By uncovering the promptings of your deeper Self, our depth consulting can help you identify, engage, and heal active and archetypal patterns in psyche and world and empower personal and societal growth, healing, and fulfillment in all areas of your life. Through various depth psychological methods, we bring  unconscious and archetypal stories into conscious awareness, and become better able to navigate the often stormy waters of life. Contact us for a free introductory session to determine if personalized consulting is for you.

~Hilltending Services~

uikjm15001000Hilltending is an archetypal process that gives our relationship to the earth a central role. Engaging in regular Hilltending practices  brings many physiological and spiritual benefits and becomes an intentional way of life that informs our worldviews and actions in all of our affairs. All of our Hilltending services aims to support this transformation and promote psycho-spiritual wellness. In addition to our Hilltending workshops, we offer a number of personalized and group services such as guided forest immersion, Hilltending and dream work, retreats, vision quests, rites of passage in the natural world, and more. Contact us to find out more

ohohihi1200Our services are all firmly rooted in the depth psychology of C.G. Jung and James Hillman. Archetypal theory, active imagination, individuation, personality types, dream tending, mythic narrative, and shadow work are some of the depth methods we engage. These usually include imaginal methods (such as dream work or active imagination) to access the deeper psyche (soul) and engage its self-regulating nature from a broader perspective in its own language. These and other techniques help in understanding and engaging active archetypal patterns.


Our services are based on the following fundamental principles.

  • The psyche is real. It forms and holds the central core and meaning of our life. Everything that we experience occurs either within or in conjunction with the psyche
  • The psyche is a multi-layered way of knowing that includes conscious, unconscious, personal, collective, and embodied aspects. Our understanding of psyche is not based on the common usage of the term as often seen in traditional psychotherapy. Rather, we understand it in terms of the Greek root of psykhe, or soul, thus the psyche is simultaneously the container for our narrative and the narrative itself
  • The psyche has a primary purpose: in order to fully participate in our life, heal our wounds, experience richer health and well-being, and grow into our full human potential, we must actively participate with the purpose of the psyche. This is the overarching purpose of our services

Based on these qualities of Psyche, our services engage the deeper psycho-spiritual and embodied structures of being human and work with deep archetypal imagery such as experienced through active imagination, shamanic journeying, dreams, mythology, or synchronicity. Our services aim to engage these images and integrate them into a widening consciousness that provides the foundation for our health and well-being. Situated between ancient tradition and contemporary science and worldviews, our services are based on the simple premise that healing the contemporary fragmented psyche, the split between psyche and body, soul and world, allows us to find well-being and consciously participate in the full web of our existence. By working with all of the aspects of the psyche, we can consciously participate in psyche’s purpose and bring it into the world to truly improve the quality of our personal and collective health, well-being, happiness, and satisfaction.

Our services:

  • are based on the different levels of the psyche: the personal and the collective unconscious. This is the universal foundation of the human soul, experience, and the creative life
  • are rooted in a philosophical, scientific, and evolutionary understanding of the archetypal nature of the human life, personal and collective
  • meet you where you are, in terms of archetypal engagement, personality types, and philosophical worldviews. Our consulting is based on your situation, not a culturally conditioned set of expectations. This can be challenging, but only in this way can you move toward your more authentic self and meet life on a solid foundation
  • are aimed at helping you engage your individuation process. This means supporting you as you journey toward your authentic self in relation to the personal and collective psyche. This is sometimes a divergence from cultural norms, and our services support you in this challenging aspect.
  • deeply engage symbolic form found in mythology, dreams, active imagination, synchronicity, and other mythopoetic archetypal images as a way of knowing. We help you identify current archetypal patterns in your life and, more importantly, equip you with the skills to do so on your own. This is the means to make unconscious material conscious – a necessary step in the individuation process.
  • are not therapy. Challenging times and emotional suffering are not always symptoms of mental illness that can be cured. The stirrings of the deeper psyche often represent a struggle for emergence and development of the authentic self. We work with you in relation to what psyche wants to become, not what might have happened in the past or with the view that something is wrong and needs to be fixed. We look beyond ego driven wants and identify and engage with the deeper stirrings of your psyche. The interpretation of unconscious content is engaged with this ever in mind. This leads to a deeper understanding of the self-regulating nature of the soul and brings you closer to your soul’s striving for the experience of meaning.
  • are processes of mentorship between real people, all of which are engaging life in an archetypal framework.
  • are aimed at finding psychospiritual maturity through meaningful and solid relationships to the many aspects of the psychospiritual life – the conscious and unconscious, the personal and collective, the inner and outer, scientific and mythopoetic ways of knowing. It is through this that we are enabled to engage life on a broader basis.

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